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The Player
Nickname: Cheese.
Age: over 25.
Pronouns: male, he, him, his
Contact: this account for pm, I can also be contacted @
Experience: 10+ years roleplaying
Currently played characters: none.

The Character
DW account: [personal profile] leonscottkennedy
Name: Leon S. Kennedy
Alias: Just Leon
Age/Birthdate: 28|June 30
Species: Human
Canon: Resident Evil Series
Canon point: Right after departing with Claire after the Resident Evil: Degeneration film, which follows canon game timeline.
Played By: Jensen Ackles



abilities he already has:
Stealth - Being trained as a government agent, he was trained in learning how to go about a mission or journey without being seen when necessary. While he's not perfect, he excels at this.

Trained in military combat - Five long years of extensive training to become a special government agent.

Firearms Expert - See above.

Knife Expert - See above.

Expert Marksmanship - Before those five long years of training, he also spent three years at a police academy learning to shoot a gun. He landed number one in the top ten of his class. It's not to say he wouldn't miss a shot, but shooting a gun is like breathing to him.

abilities he comes through with:
Flash precognition: this will vary from anywhere from three seconds to twelve seconds, and he won't know how long it is before it happens. It'll be trial and error through guessing and getting a grasp on it.

And considering his opponents will be 'real' live people and sentient beings, he won't always get the upper hand in a fight, as they can too possibly assess his moves before he does them with a natural sort of affinity. It will however be useful in times of stress and danger I would imagine.

Leon is a tall man in nature, 5'11 with a muscular build, weighing in at 215 lbs. He wears his hair longer than most males, with a side that usually hangs over the right side of his face. Some might call him a pretty man but it's honestly just the way he likes to wear his hair. He never thought he looked too good with it cropped close to his scalp. Trust him, he's tried in the past. His eyes are a light electric blue, giving off the sense of a wolf. He has a mildly wide but pointed nose, and a giving mouth that's usually laced with something serious, introspective or cocky, all depending on the situation.

When it comes to clothes, Leon goes for casual with his own sense of style that might scream government agent. Even when he wasn't on the job, he usually had a holster strapped to his leg with his preferred handgun and a Krauser's custom knife tucked in his left boot unless he's wearing sneakers. The government agent thing rings true, he would come off as any regular guy but he tends to wear leather jackets, fingerless black gloves, and boots, which speaks serious business.

His quirks come and go, unthinking as he does them. Placing a hand to his face with a mundane expression when he's bored or a hand to his jaw/chin in thought. Crossing a leg or throwing an arm over the back of a double seat when he's relaxed. Despite his serious yet playful/smartass demeanor at times, he does have a very comfortable way about him. Even in situations where he's a stranger, he doesn't mind making himself at home and you can see it in the lines of his body. But don't worry, he knows his manners and how to respect others.

Leon's smiles are sometimes rare, it's not that he's not a happy man but mostly his smiles are subtle or full on, depending on who you are and his level of fondness for you. He walks in a way that suggests that his body is a comfort.

Cool, Calm and collected. Leon believes in the justice system, he believes in justice and all things good more than anything. For example, if Leon is ordered to stop a mission for any reason and the situation isn't neutralized a enough for him, he'll go above and beyond the call of duty in order to make sure it's fully complete. So while he may follow government orders and believe in trusting his superiors, he's known to be a bit of a rebel but only to ensure thats something is finished before moving on. Unless he can trust someone else to do the job safely and securely.

Leon has a desire to serve and protect, he believes America is the greatest country in the world, but don't take him for a patriotic fanatic either. He knows his country is far from perfect and that everything has flaws, he won't follow blindly if he feels a situation is wrong and what the government, even the president wants him to do is wrong. But he won't become someone who commits treason either.

Leon has a friendly nature about him, it makes him a likable guy. He's never been shy about striking up friendships or partenerships with others such as Ada Wong, Jack Krauser and Claire Redfield. He was even saddened by the deaths of Luis Sera and Mike, a helicopter operator who helped him on the island in RE4. Promising to get justice for their needless dying. This shows that Leon cares very much for human life, and especially in those he feels a connection to.

Leon can also set aside his differences with someone he doesn't like, if they have a common goal, so they can work together. Especially if the goal is for the good of human kind or the lives of innocents in general.

He particularly respects people too with yes, sirs and no, ma'ams, given you're in a position of authority or you're quite a bit older than him. He also respects those in the government or fighting for a good cause.

Leon is actually serious minded, but light hearted at the same time. Though he will be a smartass or make a joke during a serious situation, to which can irritate some people but he figures if you can't find the humor in the bad, you're probably not cut out to be a survivor or work on dangerous missions. He is also a flirt but he's not a crude flirt or even a womanizer. He respects women, while being mildly traditional as he feels he should pay for everything, he however believes that woman are strong and are capable of taking care of themselves.

This however wasn't entirely the case in his early twenties, when he believed Ada Wong couldn't look after herself and continually told her to stick with him during the apocalypse of Raccoon City. This however was more likely due to the inate need to protect someone to keep his head in reality and sane while dealing with an unusual and terrifying situation.

He does tend to form bonds quickly, but when it comes to romantic relationships, he likes to take his time. Ada was the only exception to developing romantic feelings so strongly already, and that was mainly because of the situation they were in. It doesn't lessen her feelings for her though.

Leon care very deeply for the people he rescues and protects. Sherry Birkin for example was someone he took upon himself in raising while he could. The same with Manuela Hildago. He would more or less make a good father to a kid one day. Leon goes to great lengths to protect people, another example is going first with the Las Plagas machine before letting Ashley be cured. Willing to put his life in danger in order to save someone else. He basically had a non-caring, caring attitude such as "There's only one way to find out. You operate."

When it comes to missions, Leon is highly focused on the task. There are times when he appears dispassionate toward others because of this, but he truly does care regardless. You might say because of his need to protect, serve and do a job well done, it hinders his ability to have a real social life. He is a workaholic and feels people deserve the best from him, even sacrificing his me time as a means to help others.
Leon was born in Massachusetts to a Leon Kennedy Sr. and Anya Biscotti, it wasn't until years later that the couple got married. Leon's father had always been a cop, and Leon admired that trait in his father. The passion to protect and serve. He would have a normal childhood but his goal in life, his choice of profession would later become to become a police officer.

Right after his highschool graduation, he enrolled in a Kansas Police Academy, spending the next two years and nine months, training to the bone. He landed in the top ten in the marksmanship training and his combat skills back then weren't so bad, but not nearly as good as they were going to be later on.

After his police academy gradution, Leon was assigned to Raccoon City as a rookie. He had a choice in the matter, he wanted to solve the supposed murders that were going on. His very first day on the job, he overslept and went into the city late, finding it completely empty of civilians and then finding a body on the ground in front of his jeep, that he decided to inspect.

Before he knew it, he was surrounded by several 'people' who smelled like death and were moaning, stumbling toward him as if they were, well, zombies and he's a smart man, that was his conclusion once he ran through the city away from the horde and stumbled across a girl in a pink biker outfit, who he saved before she got attacked by one of them.

The two reached a police car, chatting along the way as they attempted making it to the Raccoon City Police Department. Unfortunately for them, a truck driver had been attacked and bitten, resulting in his death and his mac truck speeding toward them from the back on the road. Leon and Claire had to jump out of the car before it crashed into them, separating them for their journey to find out what was going on and about Claire's brother, Chris.

During his visit through the city of the dead. Leon would make his way through the police station, attempting to find survivors and then stalked by an inhuman creature called Mr. X. There were many close calls as the thing followed him through out the station and the underground levels. After seeing that thing? He believed in monsters, and he believed in the evils of men even more than before.

He would also meet Ada wong. A mysterious woman who was alone in the station. He was naive at the time, so her disappearances and need to go it alone, didn't really strike him as suspicious. What great cop he would have made, right? They would get separated too, plenty of times along the way.

Eventually Claire found out her brother was no where in the city and Leon couldn't find survivors, they decided to find a way to escape the city altogether. Meanwhile, he develops a bond with Ada and finds that he has stirring feeling for the beautiful Asian woman. His desire to protect her even stronger. When they get on the A train to head down into Umbrella's secret lab, the car is attacked and Ada is wounded.

Leon leaves her alone to rest in a safe room, and then later, they reencounter each other after the Tyrant known as Mr. X attacks. Ada shoots the tyrant during the encounter and it attacks her head on. She shot him again in the face and he fell into a lava pit.

They share a kiss as she starts dying, or so he thinks. He leaves her body there and makes his way through the secret lab as the self-destruct sequence begins. He is trusted with the care of an infected Sherry Birkin, who he puts on a train. And He has to fight Mr. X for a second time, and mysterious the silouette and voice of Ada Wong appears, throwing him a rocket launcher. He defeats the tyrant once and for all.

After the train is ready, Claire, Sherry and Leon start escaping the city finally. However William Birkin isn't finished with them yet and Leon has to fight the monster in one of the compartments. After finishing, the train computer claims it will self-destruct. And William Birkin is still alive. Sherry Birkin stops the train and the three escape through the tunnel into the outside world that doesn't smell like rotting flesh.

Leon's been thinking hard this entire time. After all the documents he's read, all the truths he's found about the corrupt company. He tells Claire that it's up to them to stop Umbrella once and for all but Claire has plans to find her brother.

Claire left Sherry in Leon's care, however they were confronted by the US military, the little girl was taken from him and Leon was kept captive, interrogated. Leon kept Ada and Claire's names out of his business, but the government wanted to recruit him. Leon couldn't say no and being an American, he still wanted to serve his country in some way.

Leon became a government agent, special ops. After his incident with Raccoon City, all the horrors he faced, he was no longer as optimistic or naive as he once was and being trained, gave him a harder edge. A man who had grown up.

Three years after training, he was sent in 2002 to a South American country to investigate Javier Hildago. Jack Krauser, accompanied him on this trip as his partner. Finding Javier was their main objective, the man was a drug lord and had taken over much of the jungle. The government there was unable to reprimend Javier for his bad behavior, leaving Leon and Krauser to do the job. The U.S government had also received info that Umbrella was somehow involved there.

As it turns out, Umbrella is not only involved but there is an outbreak. They make their way through the small region, coming across a mysterious girl named Manuela. Who is the only survivor of the village for as far as they can see. They soon learn that Manuela is Javier's daughter, and she contracted a rare disease. Therefore her father uses the T-Veronica Virus on her so she is able to function normally.

During those years of training, he barely spoke about the things he faced in Raccoon City. He never did enjoy telling his life's story but since they were here and it was happening yet again, Leon told Krauser about what happened when he was a rookie cop, and about Claire's encounter on Rockfort Island where Alexia Ashford was injected with T-Veronica. He explained how B.O.W.s worked in the process.

Leon fights Javier after he combines himself with an infected plant. Manuela helps them out by using her own powers against her father. Javier dies and Manuela is taken into custody by the government. Leon and Krauser go their separate ways after Krauser gets injured and is discharged. Later on, Leon learns that he died in a helicopter accident.

After this, Leon can't help wondering how many people he'll see come and go in his life. No one he ever befriends seems to stay or he doesn't get to see them enough. Evidence enough is in Claire Redfield, and various other factors. While protecting Manuela, he couldn't help thinking about Sherry and how he failed to protect her. He hasn't heard from Sherry in years and while he knows the government has possession of her, he can't help wondering if she's been taken care of.

In early 2004, Leon becomes friends with President Graham. Leon learns this is because he wants the best protecting his daughter, Ashley, and that means the President wants him for the job. The day he's supposed to start his duties as her guard, it turns out she was kidnapped by a terrorist group located in Spain. Leon is assigned on a mission to retrieve her back from the clutches of the terrorists and embarks on a journey to Spain in order to accomplish this. He finds a remote village.

His first encounter with a villager is a man stoking the fireplace of his home and the man attacks him after Leon asks a couple questions. Leon knows the man's behavior is irrational, especially with a gun pointed at him but quickly determines that his use of language and apt movement makes him not a zombie. He runs to a window to check outside after hearing some yells, he discovers that more of the villagers are outside. Upon exiting the house, they're hostile too and he knows Ashley is in a dangerous situation.

He gets a call from his support specialist, Ingrid Hannigan, explaining new information about the terrorists. They are a cult like organization known as Los Illuminados. Lead by a man named Osmund Saddler. They have a parasite called Plaga that are controlling the people of the town/village. While the cult itself is strong, Leon is an opponent they weren't expecting. He stops all their attempts to kill him, takes out many of their people and rescues Ashley multiple times. Obviously underestimating his abilities.

During the mission, Leon comes across Luis Sera, a researcher who works for Saddler. He also comes across Ada. He holds back his surprise but he always suspected the woman was alive and he can't help having those imprinted memories of feelings he used to have for her but Ashley is his main priority and that's all he has time to think about. Ada, however, helps him during his mission a few times.

Leon ends up losing contact with Hannigan, as the line is hijacked by the cult and ends up having to figure out things and fend for himself because of the loss of his assistant. He is also assisted by a merchant, who seems to be infected by the Plaga like the rest of the villagers but isn't hostile. His glowing eyes indicate this. Leon buys weapons from him using money he finds around the town.

He has many fights along the way. The village chief Bitores Mendez is his first battle and the man is an gile entity that is difficult to defeat. Later he fights Ramon Salazar's right hand which is an unnamed black creature that can only be stopped by freezing him with hydrodrine. And then Leon meets yet another face from his past which unsettles him almost in the same way Ada had. Krauser is alive and well, working for Saddler apparently. During a knife fight, he reveals that he may be working for Umbrella as well. To which Leon thought Umbrella had gone out of comission a year ago.

Ada stops Krauser from killing Leon during a struggle, shooting Krauser's blade and Leon realizes Ada is working for the same person Krauser is working for.

Ashley and Leon also have Las Plagas in them. Ashley was injected not long after Leon was after he and Luis were captured by Bitores Mendez. Before Luis died in the castle, he provided Leon with suppresents to keep the Plagas from hatching and letting Saddler take control of Leon or Ashley.

Leon fights Krauser one last time and kills him, resulting in him taking Krauser's knife for sentimental sake. While he knows he can't control the actions of his fellow man, the time they shared on the mission in South America still sticks out to him and he can't help wanting to remember the good guy Krauser used to be.

Eventually the Las Plagas are removed from his and Ashley's systems by using special radiation machine developed by Luis. Afterwards, Leon fights Saddler's mutated form, with Ada's assistance, she throws him a special fire type rocket launcher and Leon is able to put him out of commission from furthering his plans of infecting the United States and the rest of the world with the Las Plagas.

He retrieves the sample but Ada Wong holds him at gun point. Leon hands it over and as Ada leaves on a helicopter, she throws Leon a key with a bear keychain to a jet ski. Leon and Ashley escape the Island that is about to explode and Ashley invites Leon for overtime. Leon thinks she's cute, a real doll, but she's too naive and innocent for him to feel like tainting, not to mention the President's daughter, so he declines her offer.

After finishing his mission in complete. Leon is able to contact Hannigan again. He flirts with her a little as she's without her glasses, asking for her number. She rejects his offer and reminds him he's on duty. Disheartened, Leon goes "Story of my life." Showing that while Leon is a busy man, he sometimes wants a little companionship.

A year after the events of Resident Evil 4, Leon is sent into a contained area where the T-Virus was released into the Havardville Airport terminal. Zombies overran the place. Leon is 28 years old at the time and selected by the president to help out with the situation considering his past with zombies. People learn how to handle the situation because of him. He also rescued five survivors, including Claire Redfield. Who he couldn't help wishing they could spend time together under different circumstances. It always seemed like they were meeting when their lives were in peril.

Leon also meets a police officer named Angela Miller. There is an instant attraction between them from the start but like everything else, his mission is too important to involve feelings. Angel however, is the sister of Curtis Miller, a scientist at WillPharma, the one who released the T-Virus. Curtis has turned into a monstrous form and Leon has to fight him. He saves Angela and kills the G-Virus infected Curtis Miller. Together with Claire and Angela, they exposed Frederic Downing for escaping Raccoon City with the T and G-Virus samples, the T-Virus incident at the airport and setting a bomb in the Willpharma building in order to secretly sell the last of the G-Virus Data, the T-virus vaccine and the G-Virus.

Leon gets to see a beautiful Angela in civilian clothing, a dress no less and while he's tempted to date the woman, he knows he's too busy to keep a relationship on hand. He says goodbye to her and then parts ways with Claire, with hopes that they'll meet each other someday again in a more comfortable situation.

A few hours after that as he was returning to Washington D.C on a plane, he was transported to New York City in an alternate reality.

Writing Sample:
Ashley was taken again. Damn, Osmund Saddler. He wasn't going to let the megalomaniac win by a long shot. It wasn't in his blood to let the bad guy get away with kidnapping an innocent girl and then forcing her into accepting some viral parasite that could control her. Not to mention, he respected and loved The President, and he wouldn't see the man lose a daughter. He wanted to make sure that it was Ashley that went to his funeral one day, not the other way around.

Leon made his way through the underground tunnel in a careful but fast run, red nine out as his wrists stayed apart in parallel lines, held up at ready to aim and shoot if necessary. It had been a minute since he seen any garnados. Maybe if he was lucky, he wouldn't run into them for awhile yet but he wasn't lucky given his past and everything he's gone through since coming to this remote location. They would be around sooner or later and he'd have to keep fighting. Really, it wasn't so bad, the fighting kept him trained up to deal with any sort of opponent that might come his way. He counted that as a win.

His eyes scanned the rocky tunnel area, then he was descending down metal steps, and out of the corner of his eye he could see the flicker of a blue light. Thank god, his mind whispered at the sight of the Merchant's flame as he rounded the corner. He ran up ahead and the hooded figure was standing there with his small armory meant for an army of one. He stopped questioning a long time ago why a resident of this place was willing to sell him weapons in order to defeat his people, if they even were his people. He was just glad there was a way to get better firearms in order to keep up with the pace of what came and went.

Fighting an El Gigante with nothing but a pistol hadn't been fun, neither was knifing it to death and avoiding it's freaking gorilla hands as it tried to pick him up.

“Welcome, Stranger. What can I do for ya?,” The unnamed Merchant said and Leon could hear the smile in his voice. It creeped him out a little combined with the red eyes and while he was still a little suspicious, he figured he'd better thank the guy for helping him out instead of judging him. At least for now.

“Just an upgrade will do,” He finally answered, choosing to finish off the last firepower level on the red nine. It seemed all he was finding was handgun bullets and it was better to have a powerful firearm than depending on finding bullets for his other weapons. It seemed rare and in between.

The merchant set to work on upgrading the gun, once he was finished, he handed it back. “There you go. Find me when you need me.”

There was a quiet chuckle and Leon perked up an eyebrow. “Yeah, sure.” It wasn't like he had any other options. That was what he was guessing the laughter was about.

He turned away from the Merchant, moving through a rusted steel door and kept down a long hallway until he stopped in his tracks because none other than Ada Wong was sitting in a small boat, like she was waiting patiently for him all this time. He couldn't help wondering what the woman's aim was.

“Hop in,” She said in her deep feminine voice and for a moment, Leon forgot him. A shiver ran down his spine and he wished for even a second, that life was different and he had met her under normal circumstances that would lead them down the path of something that was a relationship. Even a husband and wife, but hell, he's not even that optimistic anymore. It'll never happen and she'll always be this intricate part of him he can't ever really forget, remembering her on long nights when he has a day off and wondering where she is now that he knows she's officially alive and in one piece.

“Leon?,” Ada asks, giving him the same eyebrow raise he gave the merchant just a few seconds before.

He almost startles and apologizes but instead. “Gotcha.” comes out of his mouth as he hops in the passenger seat of the boat and she roars off out of the compound and over the ocean waters. It's a quiet ride, Ada doesn't talk and Leon doesn't open his mouth but while she drives, he knows he's on a mission and it's probably the most important in terms of protecting the White House Assets. One, Ashley Graham.

He however, wants to say something, anything. He can see in his mind's eye younger pair they were, surviving the horrors of Raccoon City together and he knows he's not the only one who felt what was between them. As he turns to make contact, try and talk with her, their eyes meet and she suddenly speeds up the boat, swinging it around as water splashes up against the sides. Leon makes a sound of surprise as he's jerked against the side of the boat.

Then Ada stands up, using a hook shot against the side of the Island's rocks and turns back to look at him with a cool expression and voice. “Got some business to take care of. See you later.”

The Boat jerks again and he makes another loud grunt as his body jerks, the boat speeds out of control as he tries to grasp the wheel and switches seats to get it back in gear. As he stops it, he can't help feeling defeated and disheartened by Ada's mysterious charms, as his arm grazes over the back of the seat hanging and he whispers “Women.” He won't pretend to understand them, especially ones like Ada. Try and make something a little more intimate, a little more familiar and they throw it in your face. If he didn't know any better, Ada was a stereotypical man who ran from his feelings.

He sighs, deciding to forget about it for now. He should let himself be that man and push whatever he feels for her down in the depths where they can't be reached. There's a young girl depending on him for her life to be saved and he has no other choice but to follow the whims of a mad cult leader to ensure she gets back to the United States safely.

Anything else?: Nope.


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